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We focus on all carbon, energy efficient and renewable solutions available in the UK.

The global environmental issues have always been a major interest in my life and since Covid things globally have accelerated the need for carbon, energy efficient solutions as well as renewable options to mitigate the need for natural gas and fossil fuels, especially in the UK, as since COP26 we have been one of the biggest 1st world nations to legitimise carbon neutrality with a definitive year, which of course is only 7 years away in 2030 and a promise to be carbon zero as a nation by 2050.

In 2021 I decided to start Focus Green Ltd, with the main aim of helping UK businesses and homeowners navigate the precarious world of reducing carbon emissions without breaking the bank and receiving impartial transparent advice & not being sold to.  

Having been in the industry for a long time, I’ve also seen that many competitors tend to confuse clients with terminology that only people in the industry make use off.  We make things as simple as possible for all clients to understand, meaning a smoother process.

Where have we come from?

We started out in Sept 2021 and have quickly acquired some major contracts in both domestic and commercial sectors, as well as having our own assessors we partner with other experts across both compliances, including ESOS/ SECR/ EPCs and DECs and in full energy auditing with carbon reduction plans. Having these alliances in place has given our clients a major boost in both strategy and solution builds, meaning, whether you are an SME with 4 staff members or a business in the corporate world turning over millions per annum, we have the experts that can help.

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How can Focus Green Ltd help?

We offer help to all that need it and not only do we offer a full on-site survey & report, we also offer a full strategy and have our framework of solution partners that help and advise on all UK energy efficient and renewable options available to work with all of our clients, future clients and non-clients, so you don’t even need an energy audit from Focus Green to make use of our framework.

The UK government are squeezing larger businesses to do more regarding their carbon footprint and there are compliances in place that must be adhered to and if they don’t, they are penalised via corporation tax.  Focus Green help 100’s of businesses navigate through the compliance minefield.

Where are we going?

Governments need to put differences aside and work together, as businesses and individuals we all must strive for better when it comes to our own impact on the planet and teach our young to be more energy efficient or we risk it all.

Focus Green will be at the forefront of educating both businesses and homeowners. We will endeavour to help where we can and where needed. We will see many businesses that don’t know how to become more carbon and energy efficient seeking external advice and our partners, certainly in solar PV, heat pumps, wind, insulation as well as EV becoming busier and if the UK government does help in training and funding on all renewable solutions, then we may just reach our Carbon neutral and zero carbon targets.

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